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Radiators | Radiator Repair and Service
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Automotive radiators are essential for heat dispersion which are designed to transfer the heat generated by the engine, to the surrounding air via the coolant/ antifreeze. Engines produce an enormous amount of heat and need radiators to remove the heat and keep the engine cool and running properly.

Many of today's vehicles have radiators made of plastic and aluminum while older vehicles were of copper and brass construction. Both are full capable of cooling effectively, however repair and cleaning procedures are different. We are fully equipped to work on any style of radiator.

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Cooling system related problems usually come in the form of leaks (coolant loss) or overheating (lack of capacity to transfer heat) and both problems are easily corrected. Radiator caused problems may need repair (leaks), a rod out (plugged up), or possibly to be replaced (deterioration), there are several integral parts of the cooling system not limited to the water pump, fans, and thermostat.

At Sun West will adequately and efficiently diagnose and take care of your needs. Our multi-service facility allow us to offer our radiators at the "wholesale" level to keep our services affordable for our customers while supplying parts of the highest quality.

We understand what a large and critical role your vehicle plays in your life, which is why our team strives to get your radiator issue taken care of as quickly as possible so you can resume your normal daily routine. You truly are in great hands with Sun West.

Stop by or give Greg/Jay a call at Sun West Radiator. We're happy to answer your radiator related questions or give you a price quote.

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