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Transmissions | Transmission Repair and Service 
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The automatic transmission is likely the single most complex and intimidating component of any vehicle when it comes to repairs and/or replacement. Horror stories about high costs and headaches associated with transmissions are nearly endless and everyone dreads the day they may have an experience that leads to a horror story of their own. Call Sun West and let us lay out your options with thorough explanations to put you at ease.

At Sun West we provide quality, long-lasting, durable repairs that stand the test of time and we guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. If a transmission overhaul becomes necessary often modifications and upgrades are performed to your transmission to ensure longer life and lasting peace of mind for you.

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Our team’s extensive knowledge allows us to cover automatic transmissions, standard transmissions and related parts such as clutches,transfer cases (4X4 & AWD), differentialsaxles, flywheelsmounts and more with relative ease and efficiency. Today’s vehicles are a complex variety of integrated system working together and often there are times when one systems problem can be mistaken for another. At Sun West our team knows your vehicle and will correct the problem right the first time

Whether it's a simple service (fluid change), a minor repair (leaks, sensors, solenoids) or something major (rebuild) we can quickly diagnose the problem and provide repair solutions with firm estimates based on our 35 years of experience. This makes maintenance, repair, or transmission overhaul a breeze for all of our valued customers.

We invite you to give us a call and let Greg/Jay explain the options and procedures to fix your vehicle right and get you on the road again.